Tuesday, June 21 2016 12:32 EEST
Watch: The director raises money in order to complete a film about 'hospitallers' in ATO
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Ukrainian director Yevhen Tytarenko raises money to complete a film about the medics in Donbass and present it at the cinema festival in Toronto.

Both the director and hospitaller from Odessa Yevhen Tytarenko shot a motion picture 'War for Peace' about the work of medics-volunteers, who helped the soldiers who were injured under fire in ATO zone. Currently, he raises money for the adaptation of the English version of the film for the sake of its participation in cinema festival in Toronto. In order to accomplish this purpose, Yevhen needs 27 thousand dollars, – portal «Vidia» writes.

Tytarenko and his team announced about the fundraising at the platform Indiegogo. Nowadays, they obtained only 1315 dollars.

'The film tells about changes in people, who, not having any military experience, are fighting now and transforming our country from the inside,' – the director stated. He also added that the work should be completed by August 12 since by that time, the film should be already presented at the festival in Toronto.

'Friends! We are looking for the financial support for the post-production of War For Peace (editing, manufacturing, color correction, translation into English, music, sound, captioning) and its screening at world cinema festivals. We ask you to support Ukrainian documentary film War For Peace. For the sake of those who died for our freedom. For the sake of those who live, fighting for the independence of Ukraine today. For the sake of truth, which should be revealed to the whole world. Let’s make the film together!'– authors of the project wrote this message on 'War for Peace' Facebook page. 

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