Tuesday, June 21 2016 12:03 EEST
Game of Thrones in the Ukrainian style: The First Domestic Fantasy is Being Shot in Kyiv's Troyeshchyna
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The motion picture is called 'The Stronghold'. Ukrainians started to shoot the first domestic fantasy, which has been already dubbed an analogue to American 'Game of Thrones' and 'Lord of the Rings'.

The film, which obtained the name 'The Stronghold' or 'The Outpost', will be satiated with authentic heroes-bogatyrs and dragons. Nowadays, the shooting process has entered its final stage. The filmmakers found the necessary locations in Carpathians, on the Rocks of Dovbush, in Korostyshivsky quarry and on Bald Mountain, 'KP' in Ukraine writes.

The last takes are currently being filmed in Troyeshchyna, where a wooden fortress was built – two years has been spent on its construction. It was decided that after the shooting this fortress will turn into a historical park. The stronghold is the outpost of the frontier town Rymov, which protects Kyivan Rus from the Polovtsian. The heroes of the film live and work there – bogatyrs Ilya Muromets, Dobrynia Mykytych and Oleshko Popovych. And besides heroes, you can meet a girl Olenka and her grandfather Ovsiy there.

A schoolboy Vityok from the 21st century finds a magic stone with the help of which he travels through time and gets to this outpost. Vityok becomes the reason why dangerous and beautiful adventures start in the extraordinary past. The boy fights with mythical creatures, encounters with black magic, and gets acquainted with new friends, who are genuine heroes of epic ballades. 

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