Monday, June 20 2016 21:15 EEST
Ammunition depot explodes at border with Kazakhstan, dozens of people killed
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On June 20, an ammunition dump at the polygon of Ashuluk exploded in Astrakhan region of Russia. The place and military equipment are burning. According to preliminary data, 50 people were killed.

According to local media, all the emergency services are working on the site: firefighters, doctors and rescue workers. Despite the scale of the tragedy, the militaries and the Ministry of Emergency Situations has not commented on the incident yet. The press service of Deputy Chairman on the functioning of life support systems and environmental safety confirmed the explosion. However, there still is no official information about the cause of the tragedy.

According to some reports, there are 50 victims of the explosion; other media reported that there were no casualties. All the people are alive, but equipment is damaged.

According to social networks, local people are trying to find out the information about the incident. The information officially is secret.

The military polygon of Ashuluk is located in Astrakhan region at the border with Kazakhstan. It was built for testing anti-missile weapons of defense forces and holding military exercises with these weapons.

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