Monday, June 20 2016 20:40 EEST
Pervert arrested after 12 girls found in his house
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The 51-year-old man was arrested in the state of Pennsylvania. There were 12 girls who lived in his house. The man had sexual relationship at least with one of them before she became an adult, police say.

Lee Kaplan was arrested after the police received numerous messages. According to them, the girls lived in the house under terrible conditions.

In addition, Kaplan is the father of two kids, 3 and 6. They were born by the eldest of the girls, living in his house. The girl is now 18 years old.

The pervert admitted that he had been in sexual relationship with the girl since she was 14. The police think that all the girls from Kaplan’s house belong to the Amish community of Lancaster. The investigators now are going to find a specialist, who could question the children.

The children got in the rapist’s house in different ways. The father of one of the girls admitted that he had sent his daughter to Kaplan after he materially helped his family, and he believed that it was legal.

According to the neighbors’ stories, the girls were rarely seen outside the house. They did not go to school, but most people believed that all the girls were Lee Kaplan’s daughters.

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