Monday, June 20 2016 20:03 EEST
Duma lets Rosgvardiya use weapons in crowd
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The State Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption recommended adopting a presidential bill on Rosgvardiya’s troops in Russia in the 2nd and 3rd readings on June 21. At the same time it supported an amendment that lets the servicemen use weapons in crowd in order to prevent a terrorist attack or for release of hostages.

Due to the fact that a serviceman can injure a random person, the National Guard usually aren’t allowed to use weapons in a crowd of people. However, the bill contains exceptions. Thus, the use of weapons is possible in order to prevent (suppress) a terrorist act, to release hostages, resist a group or armed attack on important state facilities and special cargoes, objects for communications, protected by troops of the National Guard, and the National Guard’s own objects.

A version that was adopted in the first reading had no exceptions of this kind.

The amendments were proposed the State Duma’s committee on defense. According to the State Duma, these amendments don’t introduce anything new. According to the current law on the Federal Security Service, there is a similar mechanism on use of weapons in crowds.

The troops will be required to perform tasks with weapons according to presidential decisions. At the same time the militaries won’t be able to shoot pregnant women, disabled persons and children, except the cases when they make armed resistance. Rosgvardiya has a right not to warn about its intention to use physical force or weapons, if its delay would be dangerous for lives of people.

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