Monday, June 20 2016 14:43 EEST
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Afghani terrorist attack: Suicide bomber detonates bus and kills 14 people
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The attack occurred in Kabul, the Government of Afghanistan reports. The bomber blew up a bus with government employees and killed 14 people.

On June 20, the bomber blew up a bus with local government employees in the Afghani capital of Kabul.

According to the country’s government, the blast killed at least 14 people and 8 more persons were injured. Both Afghans and Nepalese guards who have come to serve under contract are among the dead.

At the moment, the police are trying to identify the victims. According to Kabul’s police chief Abdul Rahman Rahimi, the suicide bomber was waiting for the bus at the security office and blew himself up when the bus was moving in a traffic jam. That’s why several passers-by were injured too.

The representative of the Taliban Islamist group Zabiulla Mujahid wrote in Twitter, that the Taliban took full responsibility for this terrorist act.

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