Monday, June 20 2016 13:15 EEST
Life with Poroshenko became worse? Critics’d better attend survival course and learn how to shoot - Miroslav Guy
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Well-known volunteer and the ATO’s fighter Miroslav Guy offers the critics of the current political regime compare it with Ukraine’s situation two years ago and make appropriate conclusions.

According to his post in Facebook, he also is unsatisfied with many actions of the current president, but one should remember how great and prosperous mass theft of the gold reserve under Yanukovych was, when a combat unit of AFU included more than 2000 people.

In addition, we had no allies, no economy and no investments.

'The changes are visual, but they were made by 10% of the population. All the rest are either cops, or old officials or their families or state employees or observers. They prevent these 10% from living and changing the country,' Miroslav Guy stresses. He advises every critic to attend survival courses to learn how to shoot.

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