Monday, June 20 2016 12:41 EEST
LPR and DPR’s activities are results of Surkov’s actions, they can do nothing but rob, steal and sell - Strelkov
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Former commander of the terrorist DPR and LPR Igor Strelkov-Girkin said that the situation in the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions had been influenced by the presidential aide Vladislav Surkov.

In the video Strelkov states that Surkov still strongly influences the situation in the DPR and LPR. In his opinion, he’s the author of the Minsk agreements who is responsible for the Russian talks on the subject. And since these agreements have not been written off as useless, Surkov’s supervision is confirmed with this fact once again.

In addition, he stressed that all the staff that works in these terrorist organizations is placed under the patronage of the Russian presidential aide.

'The staff decides everything. This staff was placed by Surkov and can do nothing but rob, steal and sell,' Strelkov explains.

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