Monday, June 20 2016 11:13 EEST
Former Afghan soldier blows up policeman in Mariupol, Ukraine
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This happened on June 17 at about 3:30 pm. Passers-by reported that they could hear heavy shooting at Lavitskaya street. The shooting then was stopped and all the emergency services of the city came to the place of the incident. It turned out that a routine inspection revealed a shotgun and some ammunition for it. Their owner is a former Afghan soldier. The officer decided to call the police to seize them.

However, the Afghani blew up a grenade at that moment and its pieces wounded the police officer. The special forces of Sokol have already arrived to the place and started negotiations with the soldier.

People were asked to move away as far as possible from the five-story building where the explosion took place. Journalist weren’t allowed to the place of the incident, the negotiations still are unsuccessful. There were no reports about any other weapons or hostages in the man’s apartment.

The apartment is on the ground floor. According to the police, they will attack the house at any moment if the negotiations with the Afghan soldier fail.

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