Saturday, June 18 2016 18:24 EEST
Putin: Russian Federation does not intend to completely stop gas transit through Ukraine
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According to Russian President, Russia ready to cooperate with Ukraine in the field of gas supplies to Europe.

According to 112 UA, Russia is ready to work with Ukraine in the sphere of gas suppliesto Europe if Kyiv will offer economically expedient project, and ensures security of supply, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

'If Ukrainian partners will offer economically expedient project, which will guarantee us security of supply and economic feasibility, we will work with Ukraine', - stated Russian president.

Putin also said that Russia does not intend to completely turn off the transit through Ukraine. At the same time, the country does not abandon the idea to build a pipeline in the Mediterranean.

Speaking on the transit of gas through Ukraine, Putin said that Russia 'does not give up entirely on transit through the territory of Ukraine.' 'The question is, how much we will transit and where.' - said Putin.

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