Friday, June 17 2016 22:10 EEST
Estonia to extradite LPR’s mercenary to Ukraine
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Vladimir Polyakov became notorious in Estonia after a sensational story about a murder of a pedestrian on a cross-road. It was a street conflict, where Polyakov killed a man.

After this, the criminal escaped from Estonia and joined the French Foreign Legion. In addition to the murder, Polyakov’s list of offenses includes driving a car while intoxicated and other violations.

Harju’s court of Estonia decided on Polyakov’s extradition to Ukraine in August 2015.

'They have decided to refuse acceptance of the complaint into production. The current decision means that the governmental decree on the extradition is to be fulfilled,' the court’s statement reads.

It was decided to extradite Polyakov at the request of Ukrainian authorities in December 2015. But on February 3, the Tallinn Administrative Court ordered the government to review the decision and make the new one. The Court of the First Instance decided that there were no facts which could let make the decision, so it was illegal and should be cancelled.

The government then filed an appeal. On May 19, the District Court confirmed that the decision on extradition responded to the legislation and Polyakov’s arguments didn’t provide any basis for its cancellation.

In February 2015, Polyakov was detained on the border in Narva. The militant was trying to leave Estonia for Russia. Later, Polyakov was going to leave Russia for Luhansk by bus and to join one of the LPR’s groups.

Police searched and seized the criminal’s weapons and ammunition. The separatist have visited occupied Luhansk twice. He used to fight and take part in battles, then got his salary and left. Every trip to the LPR lasted for one month.

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