Friday, June 17 2016 22:37 EEST
Kostiantyn Yeliseyev: 'It is unimportant to guarantee safety during elections in Donbass region without an international police mission'
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Ukrainian side considers that safety during the electoral process in Donbass region is possible only if armed mission is organized.

‘We continue to work both in the Normandy format and in Vienna within the framework of the OSCE in order to define clearly competence and mandate of this mission. Since I do not have to talk about appropriate safety and fair election without such kind of mission’ claimed the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Kostiantyn Yeliseyev.

He also underlined that Kyiv insists on importance of this mission before, during and after local elections.

Besides, according to Yeliseyev, presidential advisors discussed options for Donbass vote, but adopting an appropriate law is for Verkhovna Rada.

He also mentioned the previous meeting of Presidents' advisors in a Normandy format. The Ukrainian party there presented its vision of a mission, what elements and members it should include.

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