Friday, June 17 2016 17:12 EEST
Department of State asks Obama to start bombing Assad's forces - Russians threaten with Third World War
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The Department of State has appealed to the US President Barack Obama with a proposal to let pinpoint strikes against governmental troops in Syria.

This information was spread by Russian media which quoted The Wall Street Journal. According to the Department of State, Syrian ceasefire will be broken in the nearest future, so Washington should introduce more tough and decisive measures.

The message on intentions to bomb Assad's governmental forces has caused great indignation of the Kremlin’s supporters. They claim they won’t let destroy the army of the Syrian president.

'Do you want to play war games with Russia? Well, well!' Vladimir Gavrikov commented.

'In order to provoke the third world war, no less! Bastards!' Nadezhda Diamond thinks.

Some people compared the US political elite with Hitler and ascribed killing of innocent people around the world to the US soldiers, while others confidently say that the attempt to destroy Assad’s forces will turn into a terrible tragedy for many countries, which will be drawn into the conflict.

Earlier it was reported that Assad had described Erdogan as 'butcher' and announced the release of Syria.

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