Friday, June 17 2016 17:44 EEST
Minister of Defence: 'We have a good tendency of joining the citizens to the Ukrainian army under contract'
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More than 33,000 persons joined the army under contract.

'We can achieve the strength we need for manning our units if 5,000 or 6,000 servicemen join the army every month,' General of the Army of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, Minister of Defence of Ukraine, said to the media.

He added: 'We have a sufficient amount of ammunition to respond to existing challenges. Moreover, we work on prospective developments of ammunition and materiel, personnel equipment. I stress that the available ammunition allows us to accomplish all the tasks assigned!'

Stepan Poltorak also told about Demobilization of the 5th wave of mobilization:

'Demobilization of the 5th wave of mobilization will be started according to the Law. We plan to organize it in June-July. Next week, I will submit the draft Presidential Decree on Demobilization of the 5th wave of mobilization to the Head of State for consideration. I think he will approve it and the demobilization will take place as prescribed by the legislation. And the demobilization of the 5th wave will have been completed by the end of July.'

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