Friday, June 17 2016 16:34 EEST
Massive fires in Russia: More than 200 tons of water has been dropped in the burning forests
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However, it still is impossible to localize the fire and additional planes were sent to the seat of the fire. The most experienced crews of Russian military transport aviation are trying to fight the fire as it’s impossible to put out the flames with ground equipment due to difficult conditions of taiga’s surface and marshland.

There’s a hard fire situation in the region, hundreds of Russian military pilots are struggling against the fire.

More than 50,000 hectares of forest are in the epicenter of the fire.

As of June 17, 700 seats of fire have been recorded in the Irkutsk region.

According to local authorities, 150 paratroopers from the Irkutsk base of aviation protection of forests, 161 employees from the forestry and more than 125 mobilized individuals were involved to firefighting.

The regional authorities have introduced the mode 'Emergency in the woods'. They closed access to the forests, since any thrown cigar-butt can cause a new seat of fire due to the current situation.

In addition, weather forecasters don’t have any cheerful news: they are expecting high and extreme fire danger with the wind gusts of up to 18 meters per second, which will greatly enhance the spread of fire. The weather is not to change up to the end of June.

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