Friday, June 17 2016 13:32 EEST
Watch: Three snow leopards were born in Ukraine for the first time
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The little snow leopards were born on May 19 but the Nikolaev’s zoo management has decided to show the babies’ photos only a month later. The zoo’s staff still hasn’t known the triplet’s sex as their mom is so severe, that she doesn’t let anyone come to her babies.

'She was strongly against taking pics, let alone taking the baby in hands. The pics are far not perfect. Their mom was against this,' the Nikolaev’s zoo director Vladimir Topchiy commented on the photos.

'They will be a month old soon, but nobody has taken them in hands yet,' Topchiy added.

The director of the zoo noted that it was the first case of snow leopards’ breeding in Ukraine.

The little kittens are accepting their mom’s milk only. However, they are to be vaccinated soon and it’s still unknown how this procedure will happen because their mom Tashi categorically doesn’t let people come to her three babies.

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