Friday, June 17 2016 11:56 EEST
New Ukrainian scandal: Kiev’s cops use a new corruption scheme to enrich themself
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There were a lot of talks and pathos around the creation of the National Police. But it turned out that the name is new and some law enforcement officers still have the same wishes – just like a cop from Kiev, who invented a new way to squeeze money from law-abiding citizens.

The scheme was quite simple, but effective. The ingenious operative of a National Police’s formation and two former police officers illegally detained a 33-year-old resident of Kiev. They searched the detainee’s flat and seized drugs there. The cops threatened some relatives of the unhappy victim, so they gave a bribe of $5,000 to let him avoid accusations and criminal liability.

That’s just one example of law enforcement officers’ actions. The investigation is to reveal total number of illegal activities of this group. The investigation still is going on, the suspects’ places of work and residence have been searched and the criminals have received a petition on detention.

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