Thursday, June 16 2016 18:15 EEST
Watch: Disneyland solemnly opens in China

The project costs about $ 5.5 bln. Shanghai became a witness of a very solemn event. The Chinese have opened the first Disneyland on the mainland. The event was attended by high-ranking members of the Chinese government.

People had to stand in rain for several hours in order to get tickets and come to the park.

According to some reports, the construction of this Disneyland costs about $ 5.5 bln.

'This is one of the most beautiful and exciting moments in the history of the Walt Disney Company,' the head of the American company, Bob Iger said at the opening ceremony.

Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang and Bob Iger read out loud a letter from the US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

A distinctive feature of Shanghai’s Disneyland is the first theme park based on movies about the 'Pirates of the Caribbean.' In addition, visitors can visit sideshows from the world of Star Wars and Marvel Comics, which have been launched in Shanghai Disneyland.

This is the second Disneyland in China. However, this is the first park of this kind that is located on the mainland. The other one is located in Hong Kong.

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