Thursday, June 16 2016 19:29 EEST
Mercenaries test newest weapons in Donbass: Ukrainian doctors collect wounded bodies in 'dribs and drabs' - Gerashchenko
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Ukrainian doctors noticed changing nature of wounds, which militaries and civilians have been getting in the Donbass. It proves the fact that pro-Russian gangs use modern weapons produced in Russia.

This statement was made by the first deputy of the Verkhovna Rada’s head Irina Gerashchenko.

'They are testing the newest Russian weapons against Ukrainian militaries and civilians in the Donbass. Our doctors often have to collect the wounded bodies in dribs and drabs,' Gerashchenko said.

According to the politician, the Ukrainian side intends to achieve improvement of the humanitarian situation in the occupied towns and calls for a compromise, while the Kremlin is not changing its direction it’s all about politics.

Ukrainian volunteers have raised the alarm: the Donbass is facing significantly intensified shelling. Several ATO’s fighters get injured every day. According to the latest info of the intelligence, the mercenaries are getting ready for the offensive on several fronts.

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