Thursday, June 16 2016 18:34 EEST
War in Donbass: Militants are getting ready for total mobilization
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An expert has revealed the enemy's plans. The so-called DPR is getting ready for 'total mobilization', military expert Dmitrii Tymchuk reports.

'It was announced that all the DPR’s citizens of military age must undergo a military registration in military commissariats. There will be check of a warning system. Those who evade the registration are threatened with criminal responsibility,' Tymchuk said.

According to him, the events in the so-called DPR coincided with a call-up from the reserve of the Russian Federation. The events are taking place on June 14-22 and the reservists are having classes on fire, tactical and public training, which are controlled by the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces.

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