Thursday, June 16 2016 17:00 EEST
Euro 2016: French hotels put stickers 'Entrance forbidden for Russian pig'
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French hotels and restaurants forbid Russians enter due to hooligan behavior of Russian fans.

Because of the violent behavior of Russian fans, which has already cost the lives of one English fan and one French policeman during Euro 2016, the country started to rally against Russian visitors, fans say on social networks, 112 UA reports.

According to, hotels and restaurants joined the boycott. They started to put signs and stickers on the front door "Entrance forbidden for Russian pig", which immediately began to be spread on social networks. Fights and clashes involving Russian football fans became the main reason for the boycott.

As reported earlier by, An England fan left in a coma after reportedly being beaten with an iron bar by a mob of Russian football hooligans.

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