Thursday, June 16 2016 17:15 EEST
War in Donbass: LPR’s militants sold drugs - SBU forces block marijuana smuggling channel
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The Security Service of Ukraine and AFU jointly revealed a drug channel in the area of ATO and initiated two criminal cases.

The SBU’s law enforcement officers and AFU’s militaries detained a resident of Luhansk region who tried to smuggle 500 grams of marijuana into the territory held by Ukraine. The criminal was caught near the the village of Nizhneteploye in Stanichno-Luhansk region. SBU is now identifying the LPR’s militants, who are suspected of organizing and backing of the smuggling channel to Ukraine.

Furthermore, the investigators and police detained one more resident of Luhansk. The resident of the village of Troitskoye in Luhansk region was caught on possession of cannabis. The law enforcement officers found that the drugs were intended for the AFU’s militaries.

They have initiated two cases under Article 309 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

As reported earlier by, Russian terrorists shell residential districts of Krasnohorovka from tanks. The ATO’s press center reported escalating intensity of the DPR terrorists’ attacks, who still are arranging provocations along the demarcation line.

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