Thursday, June 16 2016 15:18 EEST
USA gives advice on Donbass: Ukraine should give up and give it to Russia
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The US believes that the Ukrainians should realize that Ukraine doesn’t need the Donbass as it greatly spoils the country’s image with its current state. That’s why it would be much better to refuse from the Donbass and to impose this territory on Russia.

According to a professor from Rutgers University, a well-known American historian, writer and artist of Ukrainian origin Aleksandr Motyl, Russia has no intention to keep the occupied territories of the Donbass and the situation in the east of the country will transform into a frozen state.

'Firstly, I’d like to make a clarification: I mean the separation of the Donbass This can be interpreted in different ways, but first of all, it is important for Ukraine and the Ukrainians to realize that Ukraine doesn’t need the Donbass at all and it greatly spoils the country’s image with its current state,' the American professor said.

Next you need to understand what to do with this, as in fact the Donbass is occupied by Russia and its current state is profitable for Ukraine.

'This is a frozen war. If we take into account the alternatives, it is a very good option. In other words there is no other answer to the question 'What should we do?'' Aleksandr Motyl noted.

Earlier, an economist said that it’d be more advantageous to build up the new Donbass, rather than to restore the occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

'It’s difficult to make any temporary predictions in that situation,' Yaroslav Zhalilo said.

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