Thursday, June 16 2016 14:34 EEST
Lieutenant General William 'Jerry' Boykin: 'A perfect storm is brewing and it will result in more deadly attacks by ‪‎Islamic‬ ‪terrorists‬ in ‪‎America‬'
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The United States Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence under President George W. Bush from 2002 to 2007 William G. Boykin: 'We have an enemy living among us who is evil and extremely deadly; Islamic Jihadists. Yet our ‪Federal‬ ‪lawenforcement‬ is restricted by the administration from doing all they can do to stop them and put them in prison.'

Lieutenant General William 'Jerry' Boykin shared on Facebook:

'People, including the POTUS himself, are now even refusing to identify what motivates these deadly terrorists: Islamic ‪‎Jihadist‬ theology. Instead they blame ‪‎guns‬ and ‪‎christians‬ rather than the terrorists. So the Jihadists laugh at us and continue to increase the recruits to their cause because the Islamic world sees that their side is winning and America is unable and unwilling to stand up to them.

Then add the fact that local and state law enforcement have been marginalized and endangered by the assaults on them by groups like ‪‎'Black Lives Matter'‬ with their slogan 'Pigs in a blanket, fry’em like bacon.' How many police officers have now been attacked and killed as a result? So at the very time that we need them the most, they are trying to stay alive.

We are also now bringing in 10,000 un-vetted ‪‎Syrian‬ refugees that we know are infiltrated by ‪‎ISIS‬ and other terrorist groups and they will be settled all over the country where they will join other Jihadists in attacks on the nation.

But the most disturbing thing to me is just how unwilling most Americans are to demand action by their leaders to defend the country. Many will say that they are terribly saddened by the ‪‎Orlando Shooting‬ but then they will do nothing to force the ‪‎Obama‬ administration or the ‪‎congress‬ to do something. They are afraid of being called ‪‎Islamophobic‬. We are so PC and sensitive about offending anyone that we ignore so many indicators and warnings of imminent threats to the nation.

We should at least consider the following actions:

1. Provide all Federal Law Enforcement with Rules of Engagement that are effective against terrorists cells and individuals. Allow them to use the same techniques and methodologies against Islamic terror suspects that they use against any other crime. PC be damned; Find them, investigate them, and prosecute them. PERIOD!

2. Engage those in the ‪‎Muslim‬ community that reject ‪‎Jihad‬. A serious dialogue needs to be had with them about standing against these terrorists and identifying the terrorists in their communities. This will be very difficult largely because most of them do not trust the US ‪‎government‬ because our government has worked so hard to pander to the front groups for the ‪‎Muslim Brotherhood‬ in America. They are also afraid of the terrorists among them. But if we think through this and demonstrate a willingness to protect them and to stop reaching out to and pandering to the Muslim Brotherhood front groups like ‪‎CAIR‬, there is at least a chance that there will be some who will cooperate.

3. Stop the ‪‎immigration‬ of people from the battle fields of Syria and ‪‎Iraq‬. Instead, provide huge amounts of ‪‎humanitarianaid‬ and allow them to stay in their own countries while the US figures out how to vet these people, which will be almost impossible to do. We simply cannot bring more terrorists into the country. Go to youtube and watch what they are doing in Europe; rapes, muggings, murders, and robberies. For all my christian brothers and sisters, I know that we are supposed to be compassionate but we have a biblical requirement to defend our families as well and that includes not putting them in danger through reckless immigration policies.

4. Develop a serious strategy to kill as many of the ISIS fighters as possible in Syria and Iraq as well as other places where they operate. Arm the ‪‎Kurds‬ and support them with US airpower. Support ‪‎Jordan‬ with equipment and material to help them launch a group attack on ISIS. Demand that the ‪‎Saudis‬ and other Gulf states put forces on the ground in Iraq.

5. Support president Al Sisi in ‪‎Egypt‬ in his efforts to defeat the Muslim Brotherhood and to force reform within ‎Islam‬. He went to Al Ashar University and demanded reform from the ‪‎mullahs‬ but the US has not backed him at all. It is time to do so. Egypt is the key to reform within Islam.

Final note: There are other measures that can and should be taken as well. My suggestions are not comprehensive. Rather they are for thought and consideration. We must do something. What we have been doing is clearly not working.'

Jihadism is a 21st-century neologism found in the Western languages to describe Islamist militant movements perceived as a military movement 'rooted in Islam' and 'existentially threatening' to the West.

Jihadism with an international, Pan-Islamist scope in this sense is also known as Global Jihadism. Generally the term 'jihadism' denotes Sunni Islamist armed struggle. Sectarian tensions led to numerous forms of jihadism in opposition to Shia Islam, to Sufism and to Ahmadiyya.

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