Thursday, June 16 2016 13:46 EEST
Euro 2016: Ukraine vs Northern Ireland - Bookmakers are sure in Fomenko’s victory
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Bookmakers compared the chances of Ukraine’s and Northern Ireland’s national teams in the upcoming football match that is to take place within the Euro 2016 in France.

On June 16, Ukrainian national team will play its second match of the Euro 2016 in Lyon. The team of Northern Ireland will be its rival here.

According to reports, the bookmakers unconditionally prefer Ukrainian players.

In particular, William Hill office accepts bets for Ukraine’s victory in the match with an index of 1.57, while the Irish chances for success are just 7.00.

Moreover, the bookmakers doubt that the outcome of today's game will be a draw: the index for this result is 4.00.

The participants of the forecasts’ competition in are sure that Ukraine will win the game. 94% believe in the victory of Mikhail Fomenko’s team, 5% think that there will be a draw, 1% is confident that the victory will go to Northern Ireland.

The most popular forecast for the game is 2: 0 in favor of Ukraine’s national team.

The Ukrainian team has shown its real fighting spirit and has all the chances for success.

As reported earlier by, The French police used tear gas to disperse English football fans in Lille. Police Special Division, mounted police and helicopters gathered on the central streets of the city.

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