Wednesday, June 15 2016 21:38 EEST
More than 30 people died after bus fell into gorge in India
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At least 30 passengers of the bus are considered to be dead as a result of the vehicle’s falling into a deep gorge in the north-east of India. In total, there were 35 people in the bus. According to police, 95% of the passengers are dead.

The tragedy happened last night. The bus was carrying passengers from Silcham to Guvahti in the state of Assam. At some moment, the bus suddenly flew into a deep gorge in the north-eastern part of India near Sonapur.

'We believe that 95% of all the passengers are dead. It’s difficult to define the exact number right now, the searches are going on. The passengers’ bodies are scattered throughout the gorge,' the chief of the local police station says.

Moreover, he adds that they still cannot explain any exact reasons for the accident.

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