Wednesday, June 15 2016 22:19 EEST
Jeff Sessions: 'Yesterday, the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act'
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'I supported its passage and worked to ensure it fills our nation’s needs and our nation’s security.'

A member of the Republican Party Jeff Sessions shared on Facebook:

'From the lack of a comprehensive, coherent, bipartisan strategy to deal with Islamic terrorists, to the purpose for the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, to policies about who is eligible for combat, the current Administration continues to make illogical choices for ideological and political reasons that are counter to common sense. While this bill is not perfect, I supported it because it provides needed resources for our national defense, for our service men and women fighting overseas, and for Alabama’s military assets that are so crucial to our national defense. The bill authorizes funding for cyber capabilities, missile defense, land vehicle modifications and repairs, helicopter and aircraft procurement, shipbuilding, and many other elements important to our nation’s and Alabama’s military infrastructure. I also worked to include language in the bill that ensures there will not be a capability gap in launching our national security payloads. We must have a sufficient number of existing RD-180 engines until we can develop a domestic alternative to them.

For this defense bill to become law, the Senate must go to conference with the House of Representatives and get the President’s signature. As our country faces increased threats abroad and at home, I hope this legislation can be improved and made final. I continue to work to make sure Alabama’s contributions to our national defense are properly recognized and protected, and that our men and women overseas have the resources, support and policies in place that will allow them to succeed.'

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