Wednesday, June 15 2016 21:18 EEST
Nadiya Savchenko surprises head of OSCE with unexpected visit
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Representatives of the organization obviously did not expect to see Savchenko at a meeting with the officials of the country.

The people's deputy from Batkivshchyna thanked the head of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Ilkko Kanerva for the support he gave her when she was in Russia.

Kanerva in his turn noted that he’s very pleased to see Savchenko as a free person, although her process was very difficult and long.

The head of the OSCE held a meeting with the Verkhovna Rada’s speaker Andrii Parubiy and the representative of Ukrainian delegation to the OSCE Artur Gerasimov.

Kanerva made another statement, where he emphasized the importance of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, including the de-occupation of the Donbass and Crimea.

Moreover, he stressed the importance of the Minsk agreements’ implementation, which are being violated by Russian terrorists. 

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