Wednesday, June 15 2016 19:43 EEST
State Enterprise Scientific and Production complex 'ISKRA' is successfully implemented in Ukraine
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State Enterprise Scientific and Production complex 'ISKRA' (SE SPC 'ISKRA') is successfully implementing the projects on designing the meter-range radar MR-18 and solid-state digital active phased array radar 80К6Т (DPAR).

According to Defence-UA, this was reported by Vyacheslav Trailin, Deputy Director on Science of SE SPC 'ISKRA', during the interview to Defense Express.

'We strictly meet the scheduled dates. For 2016 it has been planned to finish manufacturing of MR-18 and 80K6T specimens. All the components of these radars have been manufactured, adjusted and tested, and the final assembly of these radars is currently being performed', SE SPC 'ISKRA' representative stated.

According to SE SPC 'ISKRA' representative, the radars were designed taking into account advanced requirements and are suitable for use in different climatic zones. Products will have a high degree of reliability, the ability to operate at high altitudes, and the possibility of transportation by various means of transport.

In addition, the radars produced by SE SPC 'ISKRA' are characterized by high operational and physical characteristics and this characteristics application, most of which leave behind the nearest competitors. In particular, radar 80K6T enables to detect targets with 2m2 scattering cross-section at the range of 450 km. In addition, the radar structural design can be upgraded along with the progress of the related technologies that ensures significant extension of the product life cycle and reducing of operating costs.

Defense Express Reference:

80K6T is a high-grade all-round 3D-coordinated surveillance radar with wide-range capabilities of detecting and measuring the coordinates of various target types. It is able to operate under the impact of various interferences. This radar refers to GCI type (according to NATO classification).

MR-18 is a high-grade all-round 2D-coordinated surveillance radar with capability of detecting the objects produced according to stealth technology.

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