Wednesday, June 15 2016 14:17 EEST
Watch: Another fight in Ukrainian parliament - Parasyuk starts to fight against 'Opposition Bloc'
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On June 15, a people's deputy Volodymyr Parasyuk tried to prevent his colleague from the Opposition Bloc Dmitrii Kolesnikov from speaking. As a result, they started a fight and Parasyuk was injured there.

The incident happened during Kolesnikov’s speech when he was blaming the mayor of Lviv Andrii Sadovyi and his Self Reliance political party.

'We demand to introduce the bill No 3624 on early re-election of the mayor of Lviv this week. Sadovyi managed to fool some part of the Ukrainians who voted for him,' Kolesnikov said.

He also recommended the party to go to Lviv to help Sadovyi to put the litter out.

'Sadovyi constantly gets out like a chameleon. It’s unclear when he tells lie or truth. If the mayor was in Europe, he should have resigned, but he didn’t do so for some reason,' the politician noted.

At that moment Parasyuk came to Kolesnikov and tried to prevent him from speaking by turning the mic off. He was immediately surrounded by several deputies from 'Opposition Bloc' and they started fighting.

Yurii Bereza saved Parasyuk by taking him aside.

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