Wednesday, June 15 2016 13:47 EEST
Wife of Orlando’s gunman did her best to help her husband
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Omar Matin's wife knew about her husband’s intentions to arrange a terrorist attack in a gay club of Orlando. The woman didn’t tell the police that she was with the killer in a shop and saw her husband buying bullets and a holster. It also became known that the woman had driven him to the Pulse club, where the attack took place.

The US authorities are going to present criminal charges against the wife of Omar Matin, who arranged bloody terrorist attack in a gay club of Orlando.

According to police, Nur Matin knew about her husband’s intentions, but did not inform the police although her message could help to avoid the attack. The final decision on the charges against Nur Matin hasn’t been made yet.

Nur Matin, in her turn says she tried to talk her husband out of the mass murder. However, the man would not even hear anything.

Matin coolly shot 50 people in the gay club of Orlando on June 12.

President Barack Obama said that the US government is to consider restrictions on free circulation of weapons.

As reported earlier by, U.S. Lieutenant General William 'Jerry' Boykin: 'The Jihadist have us right where they want us'.

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