Wednesday, June 15 2016 12:15 EEST
Shock Video: DPR’s drunken terrorists explain why they come to Donbass - 'We’ll kill you and your kids!'
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A video with drunken terrorists appeared in the Internet. Here they confirm the fact that they are Russian citizens and boast that they’ll 'never give up the Donbass for Ukraine'. Furthermore they have threatened to kill all the Ukrainian captives.

'I advise everyone to watch up to the end to understand who exactly have been bringing us Russian peace for the third year,' a blogger Necro Mancer wrote in Twitter.

'They seemed to remember the 200th from a morgue of Gorlovka. And probably there were more than one,' the blogger noted.

In addition, they repeatedly voiced threats against Ukrainian troops and civilians.

'All of you are dead, we’ll kill you and your children. We don’t care who to kill,' one of the militants said.

They also stated that 70% of the militants are Russian citizens. 

'I am from St. Petersburg, there are guys from the Urals, Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk,' another terrorist said.

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