Tuesday, June 14 2016 17:30 EEST
Lukashenko gives us the opportunity to create weapon that would shoot down Russian planes
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Journalists noticed an echelon with Belarusian military equipment in Ukraine. In particular, they paid attention to railway platforms, which were used to transport Belarusian chassis for anti-aircraft missiles.

Aleksandr Argat, who posted the photo on his page in Facebook, describes this as a sign of good relations with the Republic of Belarus that gives Ukraine an opportunity to develop its military technologies.

'Absolutely new chassis of Belarusian MZKT for MANPADS were fixed in Ukraine. What does it mean? At least, we have very good relations with Minsk. Because Lukashenko gives us the opportunity to create weapon that would shoot down the planes of the only one country – Russia,' the journalist wrote in the social network.

He also noted that Minsk is not just risk their relationship with Russia. Argat suggests that this is the price Belarus pays for the fact that Ukraine buys its MAZ military trucks.

The journalist has made another suggestion. According to him, Ukraine is ready to produce anti-aircraft missile systems and to sell them abroad. He says that the T-38 Stiletto is a joint Ukrainian-Belarusian project. Ukrainian component includes a rocket made by the design office of Luch. The number of buyers includes Arab countries. The journalist positively characterizes the chances of development of new weapons.

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