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U.S. Lieutenant General William 'Jerry' Boykin: 'The Jihadist have us right where they want us'
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American conservative columnist and commentator for television and radio Todd Starnes reacts to President Obama's choice for political correctness in the wake of the tragic Orlando terrorist attack, FOX News reports.

Lieutenant General William 'Jerry' Boykin, USA, Ret. Shared his thoughts about that on Facebook:

'Like all Americans, I am deeply saddened and outraged by the murder of 49 Americans in ‪Orlando‬. We are at war whether we want to be or not. This was an ‪‎ISIS‬ attack and was part of their declaration of ‪Jihad‬ on all infidels, especially ‪America‬.

Please Mr. President, call it what it is for once; Islamic Jihad. Get out of this pattern of denial about what motivates these evil people. Remember that we have ISIS training camps in ‪‎Mexico‬ now, just across the border from major US cities. What are we going to do about those? They are clearly a threat to US security.

We must also demand to know why the ‪‎FBI‬ never flagged this guy since they had questioned him more than once due to concerns that he was associated with known ‪‎terrorists‬ and was espousing Jihadist rhetoric. That is exactly the same pattern of previous Jihadist attacks like Maj Nadal Hassan, who was known to be communicating with Imam Anwar Awlaki before he went on a shooting rampage at Ft Hood in 2009.

I assure you that it was in part because the ‪‎lawenforcement‬ people at every level are gun shy about dealing with ‪‎muslims‬. There is tremendous pressure to show muslims favor and to treat them differently than others, based on information that I am getting from my contacts.

The Jihadist have us right where they want us. We are going all out now to pander to the enemy and to appease the same people who are here to destroy us.

Furthermore, why was this man not flagged for weapons purposes? He should never have been able to buy these guns after having been connected to known terrorists, which he was! It is because he was a muslim and America is foolishly making them a protected class at our own peril.

Given that the majority of muslims in America are not engaged in terrorism and are not a threat to America, we should be engaging them to be part of the solution by helping law enforcement identify threats in their communities. Instead, we engage the likes of ‪‎CAIR‬ and other front groups for the ‪‎Muslim Brotherhood‬ and give them access to the White House and credibility as a voice for all Muslims in America. CAIR has been labeled as a terror group by the governments of the ‪‎UAE‬ and ‪‎Saudi Arabia‬ yet we let them operate freely in the US as a credible voice; they are in fact an evil group that has no good intentions for this nation.'

He also posted:

'Stop calling the ‪‎Orlando Shooting‬ a tragedy. No, it was a MASS MURDER against defenseless people because of their sexual preferences and it was done in the name of ‎Islam‬.

The ‪‎Obama‬ administration can blame guns and ‪‎Christians‬ but this was done in the name of ‪‎RadicalIslam‬. This could have been stopped if the ‪‎FBI‬ had been allowed to do the same things they did against the mafia and organized crime but their Rules of Engagement relative to terrorism restricts them from doing all they are capable of.

With a known ‪‎Islamic‬ radical in the area (‪‎OmarMateen‬) and the fact that it is ‪‎Ramadan‬ and ‪‎Gay Pride‬ month all going on at the same time, it would make sense to me to pay particular attention to someone like Mateen during this period.

In 2009, Eric Holder sent out a memo to all Federal Law Enforcement called the Domestic Investigations and Operations Guidelines or DIOG. It prohibited federal agents from investigating 'Suspicious Activits' relative to terrorism. While it was permitted for organized crime and other federal offenses, only terrorism was singled out. Ask any investigator about how they catch criminals. They will tell you how important suspicious activity is from an investigative point.

I found out about the DOIG and went to members of the House Permanent Select Committee of Intelligence to see if they knew about it in October of 2009. They didn’t and were very concerned. Four days later, Major Malik Nadal Hassan killed 14 people at Ft Hood and it was discovered that the FBI was aware of 14 emails that he had exchanged with the radical Imam and renowned terrorist Anwar Al Awlaki.

No investigation ever occurred largely because of the DIOG and other pressure from the administration to make Muslims a protected group.

This is insane and it endangers Muslims just like it does everyone else who could be caught in a terrorist attack. This has to stop. Elections have consequences. Please remember that when you go to the polls this year.'

The Obama administration released a statement sending its condolences to the victims. President Barack Obama directed the federal government to provide any assistance necessary to 'pursue the investigation and support the community.' In a speech, he described the attack as an 'act of hate' and 'act of terror.'

He also issued a proclamation ordering U.S. flags around the country to be lowered to half-staff. On June 13, the White House announced that he will travel to Orlando on June 16 to pay his respects to the victims' families.

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