Tuesday, June 14 2016 14:57 EEST
Putin 'raises' Russia from knees: Old villagers eagerly take rotten bread
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Stale bread is the most popular product in the villages of Talovskiy district. A car with out of time goods comes to the villages once a week. People quickly build a large queue to buy dry rolls and loaves of bread. They try to take as much as possible bread in bags, so that it’d be enough for seven days. Next week they will come there again. Otherwise they just won’t survive.

People fill the bags with cheap out of time pastries. Something is used to feed the cattle, something is to be eaten at tables.

'I buy this bread to eat. Because it is cheap and just for me to eat. I haven’t enough money for that bread. We just exist,' a resident of the village of Aleksandrovka says.

Her neighbor claimed she’s glad and happy to buy such bread. According to the woman’s words, she isn’t able to feed her goat for her tiny pension and gladly eats the stale bread herself. Another old woman is shaking her bags with rolls and saying she’s to dry them to live a great week.

The out of time bread is sold in the villages at Voronezh for two years. During this time, the sellers have got some regular customers – old people and farmers buy the bread in tens of bags.

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