Tuesday, June 14 2016 14:05 EEST
Hundreds of special troops, guns and shockers - Bus with Russian fans stopped and surrounded in France
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The bus with Russian fans was stopped on June 14 at Cannes. The vehicle was sent to a park for searching. The Commissioner told the detainees that he acted according to the order of the prosecutor of the republic.

The president of the Russian Union of Fans Aleksandr Shprygin writes that the mayor of Cannes David Lisnar has arrived to the place. He’s going to investigate the situation personally.

'We are an official group of Russian fans! Circus! Everyone for deportation!'

'The police are putting on equipment and taking shockers! They want to attack!' Shprygin commented.

According to him, Russian consul is going to see the detainees and the attack on the bus was postponed.

Shprygin writes that there are all the attributes of the fans in the bus. Thus, they hardly will manage to use it during a match tomorrow.

According to recent reports, there are 50 fans in the bus. Two of them became sick, security officials called an ambulance.

A number of Russian national football team’s fans is to be deported from France. The investigation of all the rest Russian fans still is going on.

On June 14, French authorities decided to deport a group of Russian fans, which were in the bus that was stopped for a check in the south of the country.

The careful checking of the Russian fans is going on, but French authorities have decided to send some fans to a detention center to deport them from the country later.

According to law enforcement officials, violent fights in Marseille demonstrated the fact that the Russian fans are a real threat to the public order.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, The French government has urged cities hosting Euro 2016 matches to ban alcohol near venues and fan zones.

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