Tuesday, June 14 2016 13:01 EEST
Those who attacked Ukrainian fans before Euro-2016 match in Lille spoke Russian
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The aggressive people acted in an organized way and 'they were Russian ultras from Germany.' A group of Ukrainian fans was attacked by unknown Russian-speaking persons in balaclavas. The incident happened at the European Football Championship in the French city of Lille. This was reported by a relative of several Ukrainian victims, the deputy of Zaporizhzhya Regional Council Yaroslav Grishin.

'My three relatives (uncle, second cousin and the second cousin’s father) were injured there. They were attacked by some Russian-speaking people in balaclavas. They beat the Ukrainians and acted in a well-organized way. They didn’t do anything to German flags, but crushed Ukrainian symbolical items and national flags of Ukraine. Thus, the witnesses of the incident have concluded these were Russian ultras from Germany,' Grishin said.

He also noted that the Ukrainian football fans generally don’t have any conflicts with fans from other countries and usually find common ground with them.

Earlier, Yaroslav Grishin posted a message on the page in Facebook. He writes that his two relatives were beaten by 20 persons in balaclavas in the French city of Lille in one of the local pubs on Sunday, when they were waiting for the match between Germany and Ukraine.

According to him, they 'ran into the square and started beating our guys and tear Ukrainian symbolic items.'

'My relative Nikolay Punov was brutally beaten for defending the Ukrainian flag. Thus, instead of the stadium he was taken to a hospital and got stitches on his broken head.' Grishin wrote.

According to him, the witnesses of the attack noted that the aggressive persons acted in a well-organized way and "were Russian ultras from Germany.'

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Russian fans were perfectly ready for fast ultra-violence. At least one hundred and fifty Russians took part in the riots that took place in Marseille at the end of the Euro 2016 match between Russia and England.

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