Tuesday, June 14 2016 12:36 EEST
'Bloody' Euro 2016: Advanced Russian hooligans take part in riots of Marseille
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20 people were arrested. About 150 trained Russian football hooligans came to France to take part in the riots, Marseille’s prosecutor Brice Robin states.

Furthermore, Robin said that 'despite the fact that almost all the victims (of the clashes) were British citizens', British fans also are responsible for making some damage. According to the prosecutor, a total of 20 people were arrested.

The clashes between Russian and British fans began in Marseille on June 10 on the eve of a meeting of two football teams within the Euro-2016. They continued on the day of the match on the stadium and around it. About 35 people were injured; some of them are now in serious condition.

UEFA has ordered English and Russian football federations to influence the fans, promising to apply strict measures up to disqualification if they won’t do so. Moreover, they have filed a disciplinary proceeding against Russia due to the behavior of Russian fans.

The match took place in the evening of June 11 and was finished in 1: 1

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