Tuesday, June 14 2016 12:08 EEST
DPR’s resorts are similar to strict-regime holiday
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Donetsk has been occupied for the third summer. Its residents are looking for ways to relax and to make kids healthier. And if the holiday season of 2014 was like great evacuation of the miners' capital to the quiet south, now the residents of Donetsk go specifically to rest and not to wait through the fighting.

'We have just something indefinite now; it’s not even a war. When it’s a war, then everything is clear, the borders are closed, people are sitting at home. And here you can go wherever you want if you have time and money,' Sergey Semenov from Donetsk says.

This year, the residents of Donetsk are to have the same 'great' time at the checkpoints. According to border guards, the huge passenger traffic has become larger since the beginning of June.

All the Donetsk’s residents can be divided into four categories: some of them are going to Crimea, others has chosen a peaceful area, while certain number prefer to go to the Azov Sea that is occupied by militants. The fourth category seems to be the most numerous one. It includes those, who won’t go for any vacation this year, because they have no money.

Those who have already visited the Crimean coast, say that the food and flats are very expensive, but the owners were forced to reduce the prices due to not really full beaches. However, a lot of potential holidaymakers are scared of long and expensive roads.

The village of Sedovo is a great place for making a vacation of economy class. Some time ago it used to be the most favorite place for the residents of Donetsk. Private drivers demand 250 rubles per person for the hour-long trip. There hardly are twenty resorts in Sedovo and many of them have been occupied by so-called DPR’s militants.

The village of Bezymennoye in Novoazovskiy region isn’t considered to be a place for relaxation at all. The village is half destroyed and half occupied by the militants, while the beaches are just piles of rubbish.

The Azov Sea’s coast is controlled by Ukrainian authorities. It’s located at a considerable distance from the front line and tourists started to come there. The prices for flats in other resort areas started rising up by the end of June, but now many owners are becoming rich due to the tourists’ demand.

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