Monday, June 13 2016 19:08 EEST
Euro 2016: After attack on English fans 40 armed policemen broke into rooms of Russian hooligans
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According to the head of the Russian Union of Fans Aleksandr Shprygin, French police raided the hotel where the union’s members were staying. This happened due to a large-scale fight among the fans of Russia and England.

Police arrived at the hotel, where the members of the Russian Union of Fans were staying to carry out a check of their involvement into the attack on English fans.

It was reported by the head of the union Aleksandr Shprygin in Twitter.

'Today, 40 armed policemen came to the hotel where the members of the union were staying. They broke into the rooms, copied documents and made pics of everything,' he wrote.

The Russian fans dirty and unmercifully beat the English fans in Marseille.

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