Monday, June 13 2016 17:40 EEST
Social networks are shocked: Russian official is happy at terrorist attack in USA
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A deputy’s assistant of the Legislative Assembly of St Petersburg of Putin's Edinaya Rossiya party gloated over the terrorist attack that happened in an American gay club yesterday.

Anastasiya Kolb, the assistant of Edinaya Rossiya’s deputy Vitaliy Milonov, wrote a comment in her Twitter’s account. 'Ahahaha!!!! What an intrigue: what will the liberals say? An invisible hand of the Kremlin, no less!' she wrote.

The social network was shocked with such a cynical statement of Anastasiya Kolb. The users noted that the dead people still were people and it’s indecent to be glad at their deaths, though they were representatives of sexual minorities. Here is what the indignant Russian users have written:

Elena: 'Yes, there is a lot of humor in the deaths of 50 people. You should think before you open your mouth. But it’s when you have brain.'

Anonymus: 'The deaths of 50 people cannot be a reason for 'ahahaha' for a person with brain, delete this and don’t disgrace yourself.'

Artemiy Golitsyn: 'Nastya, there were a lot of killed people. 'Ahahaha' and a smiley that’s crying with laughter is not a proper reaction, to put it mildly.'

These are the softest comments of users for Milonov’s assistant.

Yesterday, an unknown man broke into a gay club of Florida and shot the visitors there. Later it became known that it was a 29-year-old Omar Sediq Matin, who supported Daesh. He was killed by the US officers. At least 50 people were killed in the attack, while 53 ones got injures of various severity.

As reported earlier by, Fifty killed in Florida nightclub shooting. It is the worst mass shooting in U.S. history which authorities described as a possible act of terrorism.

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