Monday, June 13 2016 16:46 EEST
Kirkorov told about the task set before him by Putin
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Russian singer Philipp Kirkorov thinks that he deals with import phase-out of foreign performers, helping to develop Russian show business, RBC-Ukraine reports with reference to 'Echo of Moscow'. He noted that he carries out the task set by Putin.

'President of Russia Vladimir Putin, having taken international and political situation into account, set a task of the import phase-out. I am involved in this, but not like some individuals, who disclaim any 'foreignism', and at the same time, promote any mediocrity, as long as it is Russian. We've already gone through all that,'– Kirkorov told.

Let us recall that a scandalous Russian musician, the leader of the rock band 'Leningrad' Sergey Shnurov claimed that the feeling of a f…ng disaster was presented by heavens to the Russian nation.

As reported earlier by, Putin is going mad due to lack of sleep, he can become absolutely inadequate if he sleeps less than 5 hours - Scientists.

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