Monday, June 13 2016 14:21 EEST
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WATCH: England and Russia fans rioted Saturday at the Old Port in Marseille
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At least 20 people taken to hospital and several arrests made as supporters of rival teams fight in French port city of Marseille.

According to Aljazeera, Russian fans attacked their English rivals inside the stadium, straight after their countries' opening match ended in a dramatic 1-1 draw.

One Englishman was left fighting for his life in hospital after yesterday's violence, while at least three others were knocked unconscious.

Most of the attacks were carried out by the so-called Russian 'Ultras', who afterwards boasted about their exploits and mocked England fans.

Many were said to be dressed in black and wearing balaclavas when they attacked in large groups.

Trouble between Russian and England supporters has flared up for the third successive day as the Old Port district in Marseille was left resembling a war zone. Riot police had to separate the two rival fans with tear gas which sent thousands of fans sprinting down the streets. As smoke filled the air, glass, litter and empty beer bottles were left scattered on the ground. One middle-aged England fan was knocked unconscious after the Russian hooligans ,some wielding knives charged at the England supporters.

A police spokesman said the actual injury toll 'could be far greater' as some supporters are thought not have called the emergency services for fear of being arrested.

Yesterday UEFA threatened to disqualify Russia and England from Euro 2016 if violence between fans continues.

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