Monday, June 13 2016 13:10 EEST
War in Donbass: New demonstration near Presidential Administration in Kyiv
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Protesters demand to demobilize Ukrainian servicemen drafted under fifth wave of military draft.

About fifty people, mostly women, gathered near the building of Presidential Administration in the Ukrainian capital. They demand to bring home Ukrainian soldiers, enlisted during the fifth wave of the military draft.

Women say their husbands, sons and brothers have been serving with the army for more than a year now. According to the respective law, by this time, President Poroshenko should have signed the decree on their de-mobilization. But currently, there are no circumstances that would speed it up. A worker of the Presidential Administration approached the demonstrators and they passed him their demands in written form, the channel’s correspondent said.

In late March 2016, President Poroshenko signed the decree on de-mobilization of the servicemen drafted during the 4th wave of military draft. Since spring 2014, there have been six waves of draft into the army.

As reported earlier by, Polish-Ukrainian combined unit conducts tactical training in defence and counterattack. olish infantry battalion reinforced with Ukrainian airborne platoon under LITPOLUKRBRIG command finished live-firing period and began to conduct tactical trainings during ANAKONDA 16 Exercise in Nowa Dęba.

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