Saturday, June 11 2016 22:02 EEST
Ukrainian government to sent exchange documents for prisoners Soloshenko and Afanasiev in Russia
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'We are conducting closed-doors negotiations, and I have cautious optimism that prisoners will return to the territory of Ukraine', - Justice Minister

Ukraine has filled and handed over to Russia all the documents necessary for the exchange of illegally detained Yuriy Soloshenko and Gennadiy Afanasiev. This was stated by Ukrainian Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko during a dialogue with journalists.

'We are conducting closed-doors diplomatic negotiations, and I have a cautious optimism that everything will be alright, and prisoners will return to the territory of Ukraine', - he said.

'The legal side is fully prepared and handed over to the Russian Federation. The response will be received as a result of diplomatic negotiations, as it was with Nadiya Savchenko. We negotiated to the last minute, and then filled the legal component, so now we are in the same situation. it is important that politicians should not comment on this until the moment when our guys cross the border of Ukraine. The negotiations are very difficult,'- told the Minister.

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