Saturday, June 11 2016 19:26 EEST
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Ambassador of Ukraine to the U.S. welcomed at the Embassy of Ukraine the delegation of local government authorities
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Ambassador of Ukraine to the U.S. Valeriy Chaly welcomed at the Embassy of Ukraine the delegation of local government authorities, non-governmental sector and private business from different regions of Ukraine who visited Washington, DC in the framework of the Open World program of professional exchanges.

Next several days the delegates will spend in Alabama, California, Ohio and Taxes and learn about local practices in the areas of agriculture, energy efficiency, environment protection and decentralization of powers.

Embassy of Ukraine in the USA shared on Facebook

'The chief of Ukrainian diplomatic mission in the US highlighted some of key priorities in Embassy’s work: advocating US financial assistance to Ukraine, creating favorable conditions for the increase in trade and economic cooperation, making arrangements for medical treatment in the US of Ukraine’s defenders who had been severely wounded during the counter-terrorism operation in Donbass region and a range of other issues.

Valeriy Chaly urged Ukrainian delegation to be active in promoting Ukraine during their meetings in states that they are going to visit, to raise awareness about Ukraine’s potential and prospects for regional cooperation. He shared his hope that soon Ukraine would be not only the beacon of democracy, but also a model of successful economic development in the region.'

Executive Director of the Open World program Ambassador O’Keefe expressed his appreciation to the Embassy of Ukraine for its assistance and emphasized the importance of direct communication between Ukraine’s regions and local communities of the US.

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