Friday, June 10 2016 22:33 EEST
Robert Reich: 'If you’re a Bernie supporter, what would it take for you to back Hillary Clinton?'
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According to Washington Post, Hillary Clinton has had a good run in recent days. She delivered her best speech yet, secured the Democratic nomination, beat Bernie Sanders in California and received President Obama’s endorsement.

In this case American political commentator, professor, and author Robert Reich said : 'Hillary Clinton will need your vote in November (assuming she officially becomes the Democratic nominee).

He shared on Facebook:

'Here’s my question for today: If you’re a Bernie supporter, what would it take for you to back Hillary Clinton?

Wait. Before you respond, let me acknowledge that some of you won’t vote for her under any circumstances. And another group of you will vote for her because, at the very least, she’s better than Trump.

That leaves a third group of you who are disinclined now, but could be persuaded. You’re the ones who this question is directed to. What would it take?

Would you be persuaded if:

1. She offers the vice presidency to Elizabeth Warren.

2. She fires Debbie Wasserman Schultz from the DNC and calls for a major reform of the Democratic Party primary process, including getting rid superdelegates and opening primaries to independents, starting in the 2020 election.

3. She commits herself to campaign finance reform, including public matching funds for small donations, full disclosure of all sources of funding, and the appointment of Supreme Court justices committed to reversing 'Citizens United,' – and she says without these reforms Americans should not consider her administration successful.

4. She commits to appointing a Treasury Secretary who has not been an officer or director of a Wall Street bank, and banning all cabinet officers or White House staff taking jobs on Wall Street or lobbying for the Street for at least five years after serving.

5. She comes up with a big idea to help reverse widening inequality. Perhaps it’s a carbon tax, whose revenues are used to substantially enlarge the Earned Income Tax Credit. Or a wealth tax that’s used to fund universal early childhood education.

What do you think?'

US election campaign becoming more bitter and 'all the fun is yet to come.' The 2016 United States elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Businessman and reality television personality Donald Trump became the presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican Party on May 3, 2016, after the suspensions of Ted Cruz and John Kasich's campaigns and his win in the Indiana primary, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton became the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic Party in the general election on June 6, 2016. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' campaign has stated he will continue to run for the Democratic Party's nomination citing the media's alleged 'rush to judgement.'

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