Friday, June 10 2016 22:01 EEST
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Video: US officials see danger in student’s drones equipped with gun and flamethrower
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An American student designed the drones and equipped them with a gun and a flamethrower. Now he’s facing a trial with the Federal Aviation Administration.

According to the stated information, the authorities have some complaints on the drones’ registration.

The American student’s name is Austin Haughwout. He is from Connecticut. The administration suspects the strange devices’ inventor of violation of the laws.

Haughwout revealed several videos demonstrating the capabilities of his inventions. In particular, the most popular video is visual test of a drone with a flamethrower that was used for roasting a turkey. The videos appeared on YouTube in 2015.

The Federal Aviation Administration considers the student’s activity as creation of combat drones that clearly violates the law. The guy received a notification from the authorities, which requires to clarify the use of his drones.

The meeting of federal lawyers and Haughwout is scheduled for July 6. It will take place in New Haven of Connecticut.

His advocate insists that the legal system is developing slower than technical inventions. That’s why it’s not correct to apply the law on aircraft to drones and quadrocopters.

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