Friday, June 10 2016 20:31 EEST
Putin is going mad due to lack of sleep, he can become absolutely inadequate if he sleeps less than 5 hours - Scientists
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Some scientists from Russian Institute of Ecology claim that Putin should sleep more. Otherwise, he’ll face 'irreversible processes in the brain.'

The institute’s worker Dr. Kovalzon stressed that his words are backed up by certain facts. The Russian leader have told Aleksandr Lukashenko that he sleeps less than 5 hours, and thus, should change his daily routine urgently.

The doctor says that Putin is in his advanced age and needs his sleep to be strong and healthy. If this is not to happen, his cognitive activity and memory will be worsened and the brain will face some complex disorders.

The systematic lack of sleep leads to mental illness, and doctors often put such a sad diagnosis for their patients.

Putin’s disease can be worsened too. And even psychiatrists still don’t know what he would do then - nap next to Medvedev, or start another war against Russia’s imaginary enemies.

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