Friday, June 10 2016 18:12 EEST
Washington hopes Minsk peace agreement will be fully implemented before Obama leaves office
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The USA hopes, Russia has enough political will to do it.

President of the USA Barack Obama believes, that terms of Minsk peace agreement may be implemented in full before he leaves office, Obama’s advisor Susan Rice informed in an interview to Washington Post, BBC reports.

‘The agreement may be fully implemented starting today until President Obama leaves office if Russia shows enough political will’, - Rice said.

She added, that parties to Ukraine peace negotiations have time and means to finally reach an agreement.

According to Rice, the U.S. officials and diplomats stay in touch with Moscow on daily basis: ‘We work with them through a variety of channels, which we’ve established in Switzerland, where we discuss a wide range of issues. Our experts and intelligence services stay in touch on daily basis’, - Rice noted.

Rice added, that sanctions against the Russian Federation will stay in place as long as Ukraine’s crisis is not solved.

Presidential race in the USA will start in November 2016.

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